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Player versus player content, if it involves kicking your enemies teeth in, then this is where you’ll find it.
Battlegrounds, Arenas, WarPlots and World PvP along with build ideas and tactics.

State of PvP right now.

After yesterday’s post on the PvP community, it’s time to follow it up with some more speculative and focused commentary on the PvP games themselves.

I’ll start with Walatiki, as that will most probably be the majority of players first battleground (it becomes available at level 6, so PvP levelers rejoice!) and I’ll follow up with halls of the Bloodsworn. Arenas I’m leaving for a separate post as I’ve still not had much time in there and feel I could cover it better than with my current experience.

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PvP Analysis – Open beta, starter bracket.

I had the idea to roll a fresh Engineer on day 2 of the open beta, just to see how PvP played out in contrast to the beta weekend access. I was of course expecting a lot of people to not understand the rules at first, but this is exactly why I was rolling a new alt.

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