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General patch notes, this is where I’ll be tearing into each fresh batch and giving my view on the changes, along with some class specific pages to really get into the nitty gritty.

Build #6723 Patch Notes

C.R.E.D.D has finally made its way onto the scene with this latest patch, initially Carbine decided that implementing the system on launch wasn’t the best approach, server economies would be unstable and thus it was delayed to week two. A lot of controversy has come around the system, but more on that after the patch notes themselves. Continue reading Build #6723 Patch Notes


Build #6714 Update Patch Notes

Since the #6714 build was uploaded to the servers we’ve had a couple of updated notes come in the form of hotfixes. Whilst a little out of date I thought I’d go over them before we get the next build released which is potentially likely today what with the 1.5 hour downtime. Continue reading Build #6714 Update Patch Notes

Build #6714 Patch Notes

During the head start (which I covered in an article for Kalgori) we saw a couple of small patches roll out to cover some bug fixes and also to prepare for server transfers which are now in place for the busier servers. More info on that here and full patch notes after the jump.
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Build #6710.6 Patch Notes

Another small bug fix patch has been rolled out before head start opens up the servers for pre-order folk.


  • ¬†Fixed a bug where an initial failure of the 2-Step Verification code prevented successful entry on subsequent login without client restart.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Warplot match making from functioning.
  • Improved Warplot match making to reduce the likelihood that solo queuing will prevent large groups from matching.
  • There are now level-appropriate requirements in order to see the Secret Stash loot chests scattered throughout Nexus.
  • The Secret Stash in Farside can now be looted by Dominion players.
  • Fixed a client crash issue caused by a small number of quests.

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Build #6710 Patch Notes

Just a few fixes and added localization for the French/German languages in this patch to make sure head start goes smooth for everyone.


  • Fixed a rare client crash in the French localized client.
  • Provided additional localization for German and French error messages.
  • Provided additional localization for some quests, challenges, and achievements in French and German.



So far I’ve been pleased with how fast the French/German teams have been working to keep the game up to date with the speed they’re putting out patches, some games I’ve played have had to wait months for localization on quests and even though I don’t actually suffer for it myself it can really help improve some players experience with the game.

Nice to see Carbine give a hoot.

Spellslinger patch notes for build #6710

A small bug fix to the Spellslingers Spell Surge ability when used with Wild Barrage came in what’s probably the last patch before head start!


  • While Surged Wild Barrage now correctly ignores 100% Armor and will not lower the targets armor any further than 0.

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Build #6708 Patch Notes

Yet another sizeable patch hits the Ops week servers with a whole host of fixes and changes to the game. As rumoured this may be the release build we’re seeing, so there are a lot of quality of life improvements compared to changes. Full notes after the gap.
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