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Tips, tricks and things you may be interested to know. I’ll spotlight addons, useful websites and content creators for WildStar. If it’s interesting or good to know you’ll find it here.

Nexus Tips #1: Buttons and Addons

Today’s Nexus Tips is all about the bottom section of the UI, I’ll be covering what purpose it has and how you can tinker with it via various addons. Continue reading Nexus Tips #1: Buttons and Addons


Prepare for launch in a few easy steps.

With head start mere hours away and the official launch on Tuesday I thought it’d be a nice idea to write a post about how to get the most you can out of your WildStar experience. I don’t wanna go crazy in depth with these sections as each player has their own style, but I would like to share a few overall tips.
Continue reading Prepare for launch in a few easy steps.