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All your housing information, be it plugs, decor, or community created projects I discover that I feel need sharing.

Decor Drop #1: Marauder Metal Shelf

Don’t let the title here fool you, this thing is not just a shelf. This simple shelf can actually be one of the most versatile pieces of decor in game if you know how to use it. Want to know how? Continue reading Decor Drop #1: Marauder Metal Shelf


SelvonPlays – Shardspire Canyon & Decorative Plugs

Selvon has been busy with all his videos covering the different housing plugs and associated challenges available to purchase or acquire in-game.

Here he covers the Shardspire Canyon FABKIT and it’s challenge.

And to cover some of the various decorative plugs you can set up on your plot he’s thrown together another video going over where to find them and what they look like.