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These posts will go over where I’m headed with the blog, updates I’m planning. Stuff as small as menu changes to stuff as big as site re-designs.

Changes I’ve Made – June 2014

So I looked at the site a lot during my absence and decided I’d need to trim it down a little to be manageable if I’m going to keep up a daily update schedule. That is the plan now after all, every day at or before 9pm GMT there’ll be something new to read.

A few sections have disappeared for the time being and others edited to include more stuff than the initial renditions allowed. This isn’t to say this is the final version of the site, it’ll continue to evolve and I’m hoping to cover some extra topics that aren’t currently part of the battle plan. This was simply a bit of a clean up. Continue reading Changes I’ve Made – June 2014


So it’s been a while…

Right, with my life affairs firmly set in place for the time being this site can get moving again. I’m in the midst of a very PvP heavy post brewing in my mind along with some big ambitions for where I hope things go soon, if not soon eventually.

I’ll be changing the site a little bit here and there, removing some sections and clumping others together just so I have a better idea of what I can be outputting on a daily basis, and that’s right I’m now going daily. It’ll be a very rough ride for me, I’ll be trying my absolute best to write here every day. I’d hope to throw some YouTube videos up, but with my current gaming rig down and my sub-par laptop taking it’s place for the time being quality would be awful (I have to play on Ultra low settings..) so that’s later in the year.

Anyway, posts incoming later to go into all of this in much more depth along with the battle plans for the year!

Hitting that Wall

So the past few days I’ve hit some sort of a barrier. It’s not just that I’ve been playing WildStar a whole bunch (I have though and it’s about one of the only parts of this week I enjoyed) but I’ve been in some real down moods.

It’s to be expected with my anxiety and depression but I thought I’d make a short post here to say this blog is not forgotten. It’s just undergoing one of those lower priority moments for a day or two and I’ll most certainly be picking it right back up when my mood is fairing better.

I’d like to say I’ll get the two posts I’ve got in my drafts folder up tonight, but tomorrow is looking more likely at the moment. We’ll see though and I may push for myself to get one up tonight.

I’d also like to include that I’ll be including much more screenshots in my posts when I get them back up and running. I want a bit more color on the blog until I can find sources of income to pay for proper hosting and some custom css.

Enter WildStar

As an avid WoW player for the past 7 and a half years, a new MMO is a strange world to me. I’ve dipped my toes into Guild Wars 2 sure, I played a fair bit of DC Universe Online and even almost dropped WoW entirely when SW:TOR came out. None of these other games have ever fully managed to pull me away from the giant that is World of Warcraft. It wasn’t necessarily that the games weren’t as good as WoW, but I was leaving a community behind. Some of these people I’d raided with since Karazhan and it always felt unfair to just leave them stranded in search of a new game for myself. This past year or so a different idea struck me, if I’m playing WoW and not enjoying it, why am I going out of my way to play it other than my social ties? Eventually I began to settle on the idea that when the time was right, I’d have to hop ship.

Continue reading Starting a new MMO – Why I’m looking forward to it, and why I’m not. Plus a look into the future of this blog!