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How I spend my time gaming, character role-play entries, addons I can’t live without and basically everything that goes into my gaming session or that goes on in my mind as I play WildStar.

Head start so very soon.

I’ve only been around for one MMO launch in my years as a gamer. That’s what happens when you’re pretty loyal to a game, you tend to ignore the competitors. Even though my main MMO has been World of Warcraft for almost 8 years, as you can tell by that number it still wasn’t my first, but one game managed to peel me away from Azeroth for a little bit of time.

Star Wars the Old Republic was my first true MMO launch experience, I’d pre-ordered, waited and picked out my class, race, gender, alignment. I left the theory crafting stuff alone, I like doing it to an extent but I want my first impressions of a game to be enjoyable and not number crunching.

However with WildStar being just around the corner and Ops week finished, I find that’s all I’m wanting to do. Continue reading Head start so very soon.


Why I chose the Engineer.

The initial part of my decision.

My choice to choose the Engineer came very early, back when it was widely known as the “Redactineer”.  It was a fairly easy choice to make, as I’d been waiting for a Tinker style class in World of Warcraft ever since I started really getting in to the game. My memories of Warcraft 3 drove this predominantly because who didn’t want to make little mechanical minions and shoot off rockets and the likes?

Continue reading Why I chose the Engineer.