Hello and welcome to my WildStar blog!

My name is Dean Watson (Mectrid) I’m an avid gamer, albeit a rather shy, quiet one.

I’m going to be posting tonnes of regular content here for the WildStar community. Feel free to have a look around but if you’re wondering where the best place to start is, I’d suggest checking out this page for the most recent news and updates.

This site is very much a work in progress, but I hope that over the following weeks, months and years to evolve it into a free standing site of it’s own for the WildStar community to enjoy. As I’m using WordPress there are a few technical limitations until I can provide my own hosting, but with luck these will be short lived and I can move on to a custom domain rather quickly.

I’ll be expanding every day and making sure I have regular and unique content to post. While you will see external links and things like patch notes, I will be following them all up with my own views on the recent changes and additions as I feel too many websites now just offer the same information with no real content of their own.

For more of my plans, and a bit about my personal and gaming history you can see my introductory/explanatory post here.

For you social media fiends, you can follow me on twitter @Mectrid or check out my Google+ page.


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